WHAT ARE SOME COMMON RECOGNIZABLE ROOFING PROBLEMS? COMMON ROOFING PROBLEMS What Are Some of The Most Common residential Roof Problems? There are many factors that can cause roof leaks and common roof problems. Most of the time the main cause of roof leaks or common problems with a roof all boils down to poor workmanship. It can be that a person who installed a roof just has very little roofing knowledge or he may have been taught to install a roof improperly which in many cases the person will remain confident that he or she actually knows what they are doing. It may well be that a person only cares about making a quick buck rather than the workmanship performed. Whatever the case may be there are many types of roofing problems that are commonly known to most roofing contractors. Most roofing contractors receive hundreds of calls each year about roofing problems and situations that have the same direct cause. PIPE COLLARS Most of the time when a homeowner contacts a roofing contractor over the phone and describes a roof leak in a bathroom area then it is safe to assume that the leak is coming from a pipe boot around a plumbing vent that allows airflow into the plumbing system for a toilet to flush. On occasion, a bathroom fan connected to a vent pipe up through a roof could also be the cause of a roof leak but eighty percent of bathroom leaks come from a pipe collar. On most newly built homes building contractors have the plumbers supply the pipe collars for the roofers to install and they will purchase the cheap plastic pipe collars that are generated by the sun rather quickly. Aluminum pipe collars are much better because the ring that goes around the pipe is made out of a much more durable EPDM rubber material. Lead pipe boots are even better as they cover the entire pipe and last for many years. With more and more modern technology coming to the roofing industry there are now some companies that make high-quality pipe flashing that can last a lifetime such as PermaBoot or The Ultimate Pipe Flashing made by Lifetime Tool. SKYLIGHTS, CHIMNEYS AND FLASHING PROBLEMS The most common problem that any roof penetration has is that the corners are not wrapped with flashing in a correct way. Almost every common type of roof problem on residential homes comes down to a corner that is improperly wrapped with step flashing. Skylights, walls, and chimneys all have corners that have to be wrapped properly for proper waterproofing. VALLEYS Valleys have a very heavy accumulation of rainwater so it is very important that they are installed properly. There are three main ways that valleys are done depending on the area that you live in. In colder climates, valley metal is installed so that snow and ice can not grip to the smooth surface of the metal and cause an obstruction. One of the best ways to install a valley is to weave the shingles from both sides making the valley strong and secure. In some places, they do what is known as a California cut or a no-cut valley. These methods are more appealing than the other methods and are they are done properly they also will not leak. RIDGE VENTILATION In the old days, it was a common thing to install a metal ridge vent which had a few problems. Much of the old metal ridge vent was only eight inches wide which caused rain to blow up under the vent causing a roof leak. Another problem is that the ridge vent was not often nailed in the roof rafters as it should be. This lead to ridge vent blowing off and also broken plywood because the roofers would nail in nails through vibrating plywood that would take some hard hits to sink the nails. 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