HOW TO KNOW IF YOUR ROOF NEEDS TO BE REPLACED? There are many factors to take into consideration when deciding whether you need just a repair or a whole re-roof. A full roof replacement can be a prodigious investment, so you will want to be familiar with ways to detect damage either large or small impairments. With that being said let's take a look at the lifespan of your roof. The average roof should last between 20 to 25 years. However, some may not even last that long. It mostly depends on different factors such as, if your roof has ever been replaced before and how many layers of shingles it has. If the roof has been installed over single or several layers of shingles you most-likely need a re-roof. Another factor can be whether the roof is properly ventilated or not. As far as appearance goes, if possible, take a good look at your roof. If you have shingles that look like they may be curling up at the edges or are possibly missing granules that can be a tell-tale sign. The valleys on your roof are a very important part of your roofing system, helping rain, snow, debris and other items slide down into your gutters. Missing shingles on roof valleys can cause major problems. Ever hear noises coming from the attic? Roof rats (aka black rats) are quite common and can build nests in your attic. Other animals such as Squirrels, Birds, Bats etc can also be residing in your home. That's because they tend to need water daily, so they nest where water is readily accessible. We don't recommend it however if you're able to go on top of your roof to inspect it, a couple signs to look for are any soft spots or sinking while walking. This means moisture has been trapped underneath in the wood and needs to be replaced. Do you have a chimney? Older methods of flashing leaks around chimneys were using roof cement or tar. If this is the case with yours you will need a newer long-term, water-tight method. Such as our newer metal flashing way which is far more durable. Knowing these simple things can save you time and money, in the end, to make sure all your roofing needs are met. Expert Roofers Chesapeake Roofing Services Roofing in Chesapeake VA Portsmouth Based Roofers Roofing Around in Portsmouth VA Virginia Beach Based Roofer Roof Repair in Virginia Beach VA Expert Roofers Chesapeake Roof Leak Repairs Roofing Company Around Chesapeake VA Hampton Roads Based Roofing Company Free New Roof Estimate Around in Hampton Roads VA Expert Roofers Chesapeake Roof Repair New Roof Replacement Located in Chesapeake VA Norfolk Roofer Roof Repair Around Norfolk VA Really Good Roofers Local Chesapeake Roofing Company Roofing Contractor Around Chesapeake VA Norfolk Based New Roof Replacement Roofing Services Located in Norfolk VA
MAKE YOUR ROOF MORE EARTH-FRIENDLY? Eco-friendly roofing materials can be just as durable and affordable as other roofing supplies. Many of our customers go the environmentally friendly route and are always surprised on how affordable it can really be! As there are many different supplies to chose from a few choices are the White Roof (aka Cool Roof), Standing-Seam Metal Roof, Wood Shake, and Slate or Clay. A White roof is named the cool roof for being so cost proficient. While keeping your home cool it also saves you money by not running A/C as much. Any roof system that has a white-colored irrespective is named a White Roof. The Standing-Seam Metal Roof is a popular option because it not only has a 50 year lifetime durability, it also is 100% recyclable making it a great eco-friendly material. While it also does a great job at reflecting the sun it is fire resistant as well with slopes angled so all debris slides off easily. Another great option is Wood Shake. While being known for one of the first roofing types used in North America, One of the main reasons why wood shingles have become less popular is because of the risk associated with fire. Another reason is that as we become a greener, more environmentally friendly world, the idea of chopping down so many trees has become less attractive. With that said, there are those who still choose wood roofing as its natural beauty is hard to replace and because it does have some benefits. Wood Shake is one of the most natural looking roofs as it wears to a light gray over time. It also is quite simple to repair keeping cost low as well as a lifetime durability of 30+ years if well maintained. If none of those options are for your liking you may want to try Slate or Clay style roofing materials. They can last up to 1 century and gives your home a classy historical look. Slate of course is stone that comes in many different styles. An average slate roof weighs between 800-1,000 Ibs per square making it a very heavy option. However it comes in a variety of colors to match anyone's taste. Different sediments, as well as diverse compounds that might have found their way into the mix, are what give slate its color – hues commonly ranging from black, Grey and blue-Grey to shades of green, brick red and deep purple. Clay on the other hand is like a plastic molded into all different shapes and patterns that basically are divided among two categories: Flat tiles and Pantiles. Pantiles are any tiles with a half-round or barrel-shaped form. As Flat Tiles are well...Flat. Making debris easily slide off the roof. Clay Roofs weigh in at about 800 Ibs per square making it not as heavy as slate but still a heavy option. They also come in many colors offering you light colored tiles to get the look of a White Roof or Cool Roof system. While there are many different types and styles of a roof, you should always do your research and seek out your options before your next re-roof. Trusted Roofers Local Chesapeake Roofing Roofing Company Around in Chesapeake VA Norfolk Based Roofing Company Roofing Services Located in Norfolk VA Expert Roofers Chesapeake Roofing Services Roofing Contractor Around in Chesapeake VA Norfolk Based Roofing Contractor Roofing Company in Norfolk VA Really Good Roofers Chesapeake Based Roofing Roofing Located in Chesapeake VA Virginia Beach Roof Leak Repairs Roof Repair Located in Virginia Beach VA Shingle Roofers Chesapeake Roofing Roofing Located in Chesapeake VA Hampton Roads Based Roofing Contractor Roof Leak Repairs in Hampton Roads VA